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CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month - May 2013

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Traffic Cone Made To Look Like Birthday HatCommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month is a specially designated month used to celebrate and focus extra attention on the promotion of commuting options available to commuters and employers in southwestern Pennsylvania. The overall goal for the month is to further encourage more people regionally to use an alternative commute (transit, vanpools, carpools, biking, and/or walking) to get to work or school. May was chosen as this special month since it includes National Transportation Week, National Bike Month, National Employee Health and Fitness Day, and National Clean Air Week. CommuteInfo staff, partners, and collaborating organizations help support the month-long celebration. CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month was first celebrated in 2004.

What is new for 2013?

CommuteInfo Commutiong Images:  Biker, Transit Rider, Carpoolers, and VanpoolersThis year CommuteInfo is offering $25 GetGo gift cards for the first 10 commuters who register and change from driving alone to sharing a ride during May.  Commuters simply need to register with the program, request a match list, and once they decide to start sharing a ride --- to let us know.  The first 10 commuters who do this will receive a $25 GetGo gift card to wash or gas up their vehicle.  This is an extra special savings when added to the everyday savings commuters realize by sharing their ride.

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The May 2013 CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month Calendar:

Additional Activities (not tied to a specific date):

  • Special edition of the Pooler Choice E-newsletter (distributed to CommuteInfo vanpool, carpool and bikepool participants)
  • Airing of a new Comcast Newsmakers segment featuring CommuteInfo program staff
  • Data collection through the on-line CommuteInfo Commuter Questionnaire (coming soon)
  • Press release specific to CommuteInfo month

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Get Involved

How can you and/or your organization be involved?

Sign up to find out what commuting options are available to you, and give them a try!

If you know of any events already scheduled in May and can include CommuteInfo materials…just let us know, so we can get you materials and the event included on the calendar.  Or if you would like to host a special event just to highlight CommuteInfo month, let us know that as well.  Contact us today.

Take advantage of one of our partner sponsored activities, where CommuteInfo materials will be distributed and CommuteInfo will provide individual commute options reports to commuters wanting to learn more about their commuting choices: 

Bike Pittsburgh – Car Free Fridays
“Car Free Fridays encourages the region’s residents to reduce the number of single occupant car trips. On Car Free Fridays, which is every Friday, the Capital of Steeler’s Nation is encouraged to use bikes, feet, transit, ride share, or a combination of modes to get to work and run errands.”  Learn more on the CFF page of Bike Pittsburgh’s website:
The Breathe Project
The Breathe Project is a coalition of residents, businesses, government and many other groups in southwestern Pennsylvania that are working together to improve our air quality for healthier communities and a stronger economy. One of the actions the Breathe Project encourages to reduce air pollution is to “Clean Your Commute.” They will be promoting CommuteInfo Month as a way for people to make smarter transportation choices that reduce harmful emissions. Learn more at The Breathe Project’s website or Facebook page and join the conversation on Twitter @breatheproject.

Oakland Transportation Management Association (OTMA) – SmartCommute Oakland
Oakland’s SmartCommute is a new initiative brought to you by the OTMA in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and CommuteInfo. The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work.  By joining Oakland SmartCommute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion.   Learn more on OTMA’s website.

Sustainable Pittsburgh – Green Workplace Challenge
The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, engages the regional Southwestern Pennsylvania’s business community in a fair and friendly competition that produces real reductions in resource use and greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting sustainable business practices.  Some of the challenge points can be earned by working with CommuteInfo.  Learn more by visiting the Sustainable Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge website.

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Thanks to everyone who helped make CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month 2013 a success!  Some of the month’s highlights include:

  • Two new vanpool groups starting May, increasing the total number of vanpool groups in the region to 59 and the number of participants to 742.  CommuteInfo staff provided continuing assistance as they got started.  The first group will travel from Monroeville to Cranberry and the other from Butler to Oakland.
  • One new carpool group starting in May, increasing the total number of carpool participants to 495 (229 carpool groups).
  • 138 of the CommuteInfo volunteer vanpool drivers completing the safety training modules (45% of all volunteer vanpool drivers) during May. 
  • Commuters registering with CommuteInfo and for those who also starting sharing their ride during the month, receiving a $25 GetGo gift card as a special thank you.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month 2014 – email us today

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Past Years

2012, 2011 and 2010 CommuteInfo Month Information
Check out previous year’s CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month information:

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