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News & Events:
CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month - May 2011Celebrate CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month!

CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month is a specially designated month used to celebrate and focus extra attention on the promotion of commuting options available to commuters and employers in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The overall goal for the month is to further encourage more people regionally to use an alternative commute (transit, vanpools, carpools, biking, and/or walking) to get to work or school.  May was chosen as this special month since it includes National Transportation Week, National Bike to Work Day, National Employee Health and Fitness Day, and National Clean Air Week.  CommuteInfo staff, partners, and collaborating organizations help support the month-long celebration.  CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month was first celebrated in 2004.

What is new for 2011?

CommuteInfo will be sponsoring an Open House on Wednesday, May 18th, from 7:30 AM – 2 PM in Xplorion (the lobby of the Regional Enterprise Tower – corner of Sixth Avenue and William Penn Way in downtown Pittsburgh).  What makes the open house unique is that people will be able to stop by, register and walk away with a match report.  Please plan to stop by and join us for the Open House.

The 2011 CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month Calendar:

Additional Activities (not tied to a specific date):

  • Meetings with “poolers” (registered vanpool, carpool and bikepool participants)
  • Special editions of the CommuteInfo Commuter and Employer E-newsletters
  • Special edition of the Pooler Choice E-newsletter (distributed to CommuteInfo vanpool, carpool and bikepool participants)
  • Special mention about CommuteInfo month in the ACTA traffic alerts distributed during May
  • Mailing of CommuteInfo program materials to all regional public libraries
  • Mailing of CommuteInfo program materials to PennDOT Licensing Centers
  • Airing of a new Comcast Newsmakers segment featuring CommuteInfo program staff
  • Data Collection through the on-line CommuteInfo Commuter Questionnaire
  • Press release specific to CommuteInfo month
  • SPC Commission proclaims May CommuteInfo month

How can you and/or your organization be involved?

If you have any events already scheduled in May, where you might be able to include CommuteInfo materials…just let us know, so we can get you materials and the event included on the calendar.  Or if you would like to host a special event just to highlight CommuteInfo month, let us know that as well.  Contact us today.

Check out last year’s CommuteInfo Commute Options Awareness Month information:

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