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  Commuting Options: Transit

Transit Photo:  GW Transit Bus

TransitTransit options provided by fixed route transit operators in Southwestern Pennsylvania include travel by bus, inclines, and light rail (the “T”).  There are 10 fixed route public service operators who provide services within their local geographic areas.  Most of the operators also provide commuter service to downtown Pittsburgh.

Savings and Benefits:

  • Transit offers a variety of routes and schedules to help commuters make their trips
  • Most transit operators offer discounted weekly and monthly transit passes
  • Riding transit can allow you time to read, talk with your neighbor, finish work or even get some sleep
  • You can arrive at work or school feeling more relaxed, not having to “fight” the traffic
  • Many employers offer commuter choice benefits that can help pay for some or all of the commuter’s transit expenses
  • Read more about transit from transit riders

View the Transit Map of the region!


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