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  CommuteInfo Pooler Driver Safety Training Reimbursement Benefit


CommuteInfo wants all commuters’ trips to be safe ones.  The CommuteInfo Pooler Driver Safety Training reimbursement will provide volunteer drivers of CommuteInfo carpool and vanpool groups the opportunity to continue developing their driving skills by taking driver safety training courses, and be reimbursed for the cost.


All registered CommuteInfo volunteer vanpool and carpool drivers are eligible.

Reimbursable Trainings

Reimbursement FormPennsylvania’s Department of Education website has a listing of approved driver education programs.  The American Automobile Association, AARP, and Seniors for Safe Driving also offer driver safety courses.  Driver safety classes offered by these approved driver education programs and organizations are automatically eligible for reimbursement.  Determination of whether other training courses would be eligible for reimbursement, will have to be requested by the volunteer driver and the decision made in advance by CommuteInfo staff.

Reimbursement Limits

Upon successful completion of the approved driver safety training, the volunteer driver is eligible for up to $200 for reimbursement of training costs.  Each driver is eligible for this reimbursement once every two calendar years. 

The driver needs to submit a copy of the completion certificate, documentation of the amount of time to complete the course, course cost, and proof that payment has been made in full.  Upon receipt of these items, CommuteInfo will process the request and reimbursement mailed.  Click here or on the image for the reimbursement form.

Other Benefits

Under Pennsylvania law, drivers 55 and older are eligible to receive a 5 percent discount on their personal vehicle insurance by completing a Basic Mature Driver Improvement Course.  CommuteInfo volunteer drivers should check with their personal vehicle insurance carrier to determine whether they are eligible for this or any other benefit.


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