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  Transportation 101

photo of Speaker at Transportation 101 SessionWhat is Transportation 101? 

Transportation 101 is a training session for regional human service agency staff as well as local employers who are interested in learning more about the transportation options available within a particular area. 

This ½ day session includes an overview of the commuting options, (transit, vanpooling, carpooling, biking and walking).  The local transit operator(s) review their services and when possible, the participants take a ride on one of the transit vehicles.  If there are other transportation organizations within the particular area, they are also invited to present an overview of their services.   These sessions are modeled after others held throughout the United States.

Photo of particpant in a Transportation 101 SeminarWhy should you attend? 

Did you ever have a client, job seeker or job applicant tell you they could not make their appointment or could not keep their job because of a transportation issue?
Transportation 101 will help identify the various transportation options available to your clients, discover valuable resources you can use to assist your clients, and learn to navigate a bus schedule.

Feedback from the Participants: 

“The session was extremely helpful.  I learned about the options to assist people from county to county.”

“I wasn’t aware of all of the various types of transportation available until I attended the Transportation 101 session.”

Photo of bus riders“It was interesting to learn how the different transit agencies work together.”

“We learned about the multitude of county transportation programs available in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.”

“Transportation 101 has allowed me to access transportation contacts so that I might better assist my clients and their specific needs.”

“The instructor took the time to explain all of the aspects of a bus schedule and how to best use this resource.”

“The bus ride was the best.  I haven’t been on a bus since my school days.”

To learn more about Transportation 101 or to schedule a session, call:  1-888-819-6110 or email us today.

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