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  For Employers: How Can We Help You?

Increased use of Commuter Options by your employees could benefit your company by:

  • Alleviating parking shortages
  • Boosting employee recruitment
  • Strengthening employee morale and retention
  • Helping the company “go green”
  • Saving the firm some money

The CommuteInfo staff can meet with you to learn about the commuting habits of your employees and to customize a ridesharing strategy that will benefit both the company and its employees.  The CommuteInfo staff can also provide information and ongoing technical assistance to:

  • Help you and your employees use the Commuter Options to get to and from work (check out CommuteInfo's Company Relocation handout)
  • Measure the benefits of ridesharing
  • Review employee concentrations and their travel patterns to work (see map below)
  • Help organize carpools, vanpools, and bikepools at your company
  • Inform you about the tax incentives available to companies and employees for ridesharing

LEED® 4.0 for Existing Buildings includes points for Alternative Transportation as part of the “Location and Transportation Credit” category.  As the regional ridesharing program, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s CommuteInfo program can provide technical assistance to business owners and real estate developers as they work to achieve those credits.  Learn more by clicking here.

The Building Owners and Managers Association International 360 Performance Program® for Recognizing Excellence in Building Operations and Management includes credits for traffic reduction initiatives.  CommuteInfo staff can assist business owners and real estate developers to learn how to achieve traffic reduction initiative credits.  Learn more about the BOMA 360 Performance Program® by clicking here.

Pennsylvania’s Ridesharing Act limits employer liability when employees’ rideshare, learn more.

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Sample area map depicting employee concentrations
Sample area map depicting employee concentrations

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