Qualify for the HOV

When you join a carpool or vanpool, the vehicle you use for commuting will qualify for HOV lanes. And, because only some of the vehicles traveling on the roadway will be eligible to drive on the HOV Lane, there may even be a big-time savings because of not having to wait in traffic. Here, you will find maps and frequently asked questions about the HOV lanes.

HOV Maps

FAQs: HOV Lanes 

What is an HOV Lane?
An HOV lane is one specifically designed for use by High Occupancy Vehicles (in our region this means vehicles occupied by 2 or more passengers).

Who can travel the HOV Lanes?
Any vehicle with 2 or more riders. These vehicles can include carpoolsvanpools, as well as buses.

What is the cost to ride the HOV Lanes?
There is no cost to travel on the HOV Lanes.

Are the HOV Lanes open all the time?
Generally the HOV lanes are open in the morning rush hour in-bound toward downtown Pittsburgh and outbound during the afternoon rush. Please be sure to pay attention to the signage – the lane directions are clearly marked when they are “open” to travelers.

Which bus routes serve the HOV Lanes?
Check the list of the Port Authority of Allegheny County Website for the bus routes traveling the I-279 HOV Lane. Currently no buses are traveling through the Wabash Tunnel.