Why is Ridesharing important?

Sharing a ride has numerous benefits such as reducing traffic congestion and parking demands. Ridesharing also helps to eliminate vehicle emissions and creates less stressful commutes.

Here are some of the benefits to ridesharing:

  1. Reduced carbon footprint– Ridesharing significantly reduces the amount of emissions in the air. If you rideshare to and from work or school, you could cut your yearly emissions number in half, or even more.
  2. Use of HOV lanes– The HOV lanes in the area are usually less congested than the other highway or parkway lanes, which means your commute time could be greatly reduced if you rideshare.
  3. More free time– Riding in a carpool, vanpool or on transit allows you to check email, browse the Internet, catch up on social media, read a book or even take a quick nap.
  4. Saving money– By ridesharing you can save money on parking and gas.
  5. Reduced traffic congestion– Ridesharing takes vehicles off the road, which means less congested roads. As more people take part in ridesharing, overall traffic congestion could decrease.
  6. Decreased stress – Not having to fight traffic and saving money on gas and parking can significantly decrease the amount of daily stress you have.
  7. Less wear and tear on your car – By ridesharing, you put less mileage on your car therefore decreasing wear and tear each month.
  8. Employer benefits – Alleviate parking shortages, boost employee recruitment and help the company be more “green” by promoting ridesharing among employees.