Commuting Options

Savings and Benefits

Saves money

Allows for flexibility

Helps the environment

Works well for shorter commutes

Can be arranged for one-to-seven days per week

May help save money on auto insurance premium

Qualifies for the HOV lanes

Eligible for Emergency Ride Home

Share the ride

Crazy commute? Cruise in a carpool. A carpool is two or more people sharing a ride to work or school in one of the participant’s own vehicle.

Receive a personalized

I have been working in Pittsburgh for over 30 years, and everyone I explain my commute to is amazed at the cost. There is no way I could have driven my own car in for this price. Thanks for all of you time and effort to keep my commute an enjoyable one.

Kathy G.

I have been carpooling for 7 1/2 years and it would be difficult to imagine driving solo again.

Mark P.

I registered for the commute info program to try and save money on gas. My company does have carpooling information and connects people for carpooling, but there weren’t any matches for me at that time. That’s when I signed up on the website. Each day I travel approximately 25 miles from my home in Weirton to the Robinson area. This is 50 miles round trip and typically takes about 30-35 minutes one way. I would just want other commuters to know that it was very easy to sign up and use the website.

Mary M.


What is a carpool like?+-

Each carpool group decides together on things such as seating arrangements and type of music.

Who drives the carpool?+-

The carpool drivers are all volunteers. The members of the group decide who will drive and whether the members will take turn driving.

Will the carpool pick me up at my house?+-

Carpool groups generally have a set number of pick-up stops where riders gather. The pick-up and drop-off locations are in conveniently located areas where the riders can meet and may even be within walking distance of your home. You will be provided the pick-up and drop-off information before you commit to join a group.

What does it cost to ride in a carpool?+-

Carpool costs are decided by the members of the carpool group. Some carpools encourage each member to take a turn driving and no actual “costs” are shared. In other cases, one member of the carpool drives all the time and the members help pay toward the cost of the ride. Since the way costs are shared vary group to group, it is important to discuss cost-sharing with the other members of the carpool before joining a carpool.

What about insurance for the carpool?+-

We encourage all members of the carpool group to check with their insurance agent before they begin carpooling to determine their coverage needs.

Is there “carpool” etiquette?+-

Deciding to share a ride is an important decision. If you decide to join, it could mean involvement with the carpool for a significant amount of time each workday. At CommuteInfo, we suggest you take some time to meet your potential ridesharing buddies before making the decision to join a carpool.

How is carpooling better for the environment?+-

In a year, a single vehicle emits around 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and 600 pounds of carbon monoxide. Carpooling decreases the number of vehicles on the road meaning less carbon dioxide and other gases and pollution are emitted into the air. As of 2015, 2,376,000 pounds of carbon dioxide have been reduced by ridesharing.

How much money can I save by carpooling?+-

Each commute is different but to give you an idea of savings, we’ve put together a hypothetical situation. Say you drive 20 miles round trip to work each day. Many cars use a gallon of fuel per 20 miles. If you carpool with one person for a full year you would save 260 gallons of gas. If the gas cost was $3.15 per gallon, that would be $3.15 X 260=$819.00 in savings.

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