Commuting Options

Overpaying at the pump? Give transit a try.

You know that your drive is stressful. You know that you’re paying a ton at the pump. What you may not know is, there’s actually a better way. Or several better ways, when it comes to transit. From bus to light rail to incline, public transportation is available across our ten-county region, with different options in each county. Sit back and enjoy your commute to work when you take transit. Plus, you’ll get additional benefits as well.

  • Save money through discounted weekly and monthly transit passes
  • Reduce your stress of being behind the wheel
  • Give the environment a break with reduced emissions
  • Choose from a variety of routes and schedules

Have to stay late at school or work? Don’t stress about missing the last stop. This ride sharing option is eligible for Emergency Ride Home service.

Ready to get started? By answering a few simple questions about your current commute, such as your work location and hours, we will create a custom Commute Options Report just for you.


I am currently using mass transit when I work out of the Pittsburgh offices. I take the 16A or Ohio Valley Flyer (OV) and use the Park and Ride at Glenfield. It’s great on nasty days. I can read on the bus and don’t have to deal with the hassle of traffic or parking or the expenses. The buses run regularly enough that I can get to work very early or stay late if I have deadlines to meet.

Letitia S.

I am one of the lucky ones that the Port Authority bus picks me up close to my driveway and drops me off almost at the front door of my office. My employer is encouraging all employees to register with CommuteInfo to assist with parking and transportation issues. Thank you, CommuteInfo for your assistance.

Rebecca B.

I was spending too much money on gas and parking. Eventually a new bus route from the North Hills directly to Oakland became available. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this is. I barely add on any time with the commute and it is saving me quite a bit of my paycheck!

Teri Z.


Where can I find transit services near me?+-

You can learn more about services in your region by viewing the Transit Operators Map.

Is public transportation safer than driving?+-

According to U.S. analyst Todd Litman, riding commuter or intercity service is 20 times safer than driving, metro or light rail is 30 times safer, and riding the bus is 60 times safer.

How does public transportation help the environment?+-

Public transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions and roadway congestion.

Why is transportation important for us?+-

Public transportation enables people who do not have access to a car to get to and from work, stores, appointments and more.

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