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Feeling worried behind the wheel? Catch a break on a bike. A bikepool is a group of two or more bicycle commuters who agree to bike to work or school together.

Whether you are new to bikepooling or want to try a different route, CommuteInfo can help you partner with local bicyclists to ride to and from work or school together.

Those willing to share their bike commuting expertise will have a special note next to their contact information on the commuting options report. New bike commuters can contact a more experienced bike commuter and get started.  

Receive a personalized

Bicycling gives you freedom, cuts down your travel time, and saves you time in your morning routine. You’re also being physically fit and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. You think you’re going to miss out on opportunities to walk home with people, but you won’t. If that happens, you can just walk your bike next to them. I bike all over the place. And, I have no regrets.

James B.

I ride my bike part way to work because it guarantees that I will never get caught up in a downtown traffic jam.



What is a bikepool?+-

A bikepool is a group of two or more bicycle commuters who agree to bike to work or school together.

What are some bike safety tips?+-

For safety tips, read our Street Smarts Safe Cycling Guide. You can also read about these basic cycling street smarts to stay safe.

Where are bike storage facilities located?+-

Find out all information bike related at Bike Pittsburgh.

Where are bike racks located?+-

For information about bike rack locations, call the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership at 412.566.4190 or visit

What are the essentials I need to commute by bike?+-

Find out more information about biking and bike safety from the PA Department of Transportation.

Do I need special clothing or equipment to ride to work?+-

Find out more information about biking attire and equipment from the PA Department of Transportation.

Is there a bicycling manual available?+-

In addition to the street smarts materials, PennDOT publishes a Bicycle Driver’s Manual, which includes the sections of the PA vehicle code that relate to bicyclists, and a “Traffic Survival Guide.”

Do I have to own a bike to bikepool?+-

Not necessarily. If you live or work in the city of Pittsburgh, you have bikeshare options. Healthy Ride, operated by Pittsburgh Bike Share, is Pittsburgh’s bike share system that is designed to offer a one-way transportation option, similar to other public transit systems. Healthy Ride currently provides public access to 500 bikes at 50 stations in the City of Pittsburgh. Learn more about how it works and pricing at Healthy Ride.

I have a far commute. Is there a way to partial bikepool?+-

If you live too far away to ride your bike or a Healthy Ride bike all the way into work, consider combining your bike commute with public transit. All Port Authority buses and many other buses in southwestern Pennsylvania are equipped with bicycle racks. Bikes can also be brought aboard the T or inclines and stowed in the designated wheelchair spaces, although, transit riders in wheelchairs have priority over bicycles for these spaces.

Healthy Ride and Port Authority have partnered to bring ConnectCard users unlimited 15-minute rides within the Healthy Ride network. Learn more.

What are the rules for bicyclists in Pennsylvania?+-

In Pennsylvania, bicycles are considered vehicles and every person riding a bike on a roadway is granted all rights and responsibilities applicable to a driver of a vehicle. Rules to follow when riding your bike:

  • Go with traffic – ride on the right side, in the same direction as the vehicles
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Look and signal before turning
  • Yield to traffic when appropriate
  • Be predictable
  • Stay alert at all times
  • Watch for parked cars

Learn more about bicycling laws, bike safety and how to ride from the PA Department of Transportation. Also, be sure to check out Pennsylvania’s Bicycle Driver’s Manual, which includes the sections of the PA Motor Vehicle Code that relate to bicyclists and a “Traffic Survival Guide”. In addition, you can read the Street Smarts Safe Cycling Guide for additional tips on safe cycling. Learn more.

Where can I park my bike?+-

Visit BikePGH’s Bike Parking page to learn more about where and how to park your bike. In addition to unsheltered bike parking locations, like bike racks and corrals, all of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority Garages have free sheltered bike racks for public use.

Also see the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Art Bike Racks map to find locations of art bike racks installed in collaboration with BikePGH.

Where can I find additional information about biking around Pittsburgh?+-

BikePGH focuses on advocacy, education and community as they work to transform streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for people to bike and walk. They provide numerous resources related to bike commuting. Resources include an interactive bike map that identifies routes and trails in and around Pittsburgh, a bike commuting guide and educational resources for cyclists and drivers.

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*According to a 2017 study from the American Automobile Association, owning and operating a new vehicle costs a driver an average of $8,469 annually, or $706 each month.