Vanpool Listing

Below you will find a list of all of the CommuteInfo vanpool groups.  You can sort the list by clicking on the “title” of the columns you wish to sort by.

If you wish to join or be placed on the waiting list for one of these vanpool groups, fill out a Commute Options Report or call us at 1-888-819-6110 and be sure to indicate the van number you are interested in joining.

* Please note:  The information listed on this chart is updated monthly, but changes sometimes occur more frequently.  Call us at 1-888-819-6110 for the most up-to-date information.

Van Number Starting Location (City) Starting Location (State) Starting Location (County) Destination (City) Arrival Time @ Destination Departure Time From Destination Open Seats
V107 Greensburg PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 700 A 405 P 5
V109 Apollo PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 705 A 430 P 2
V114 Weirton WV HANCOCK Pittsburgh 735 A 500 P 2
V115 Canonsburg PA WASHINGTON Pittsburgh 740 A 500 P 5
V116 West Newton PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 715 A 505 P 5
V117 Greensburg PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 650 A 410 P 5
V123 Sarver/Tarentum PA BUTLER Pittsburgh 730 A 505 P 5
V128 Weirton WV BROOKE Pittsburgh 715 A 445 P 0
V130 Steubenville OH JEFFERSON Pittsburgh 715 A 510 P 5
V131 Irwin PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 730 A 445 P 0
V132 Washington PA WASHINGTON Pittsburgh 715 A 500 P 5
V135 Uniontown PA FAYETTE Pittsburgh 700 A 445 P 5
V137 Latrobe PA WESTMORELAND Pittsburgh 740 A 510 P 3
V139 Evans City PA BUTLER Pittsburgh 705 A 440 P 3
V140 Weirton WV BROOKE Pittsburgh 720 A 405 P 5
V205 New Kensington PA WESTMORELAND Oakland 800 A 500 P 0
V208 Zelienople PA BUTLER Oakland 800 A 450 P 1
V210 Vandergrift PA ARMSTRONG Oakland 710 A 430 P 0
V212 West Newton PA WESTMORELAND Oakland 740 A 430 P 4
V215 Irwin PA WESTMORELAND Oakland 745 A 435 P 5
V216 Greensburg PA WESTMORELAND Oakland 800 A 450 P 2
V218 Butler PA BUTLER Oakland 830 A 500 P 1
V300 Canonsburg PA WASHINGTON Wheeling 745 A 505 P 4
V400 Grove City PA MERCER East Butler 730 A 400 P 2
V500 Chicora PA BUTLER Boyers 600 A 330 P 0
V502 Pittsburgh PA ALLEGHENY Boyers 645 A 315 P 0
V503 Knox PA CLARION Boyers 600 A 230 P 1
V504 Franklin PA VENANGO Boyers 730 A 400 P 5
V505 Grove City PA MERCER Boyers 600 A 330 P 5
V507 Hermitage PA MERCER Boyers 640 A 330 P 4
V508 Rimersburg PA CLARION Boyers 620 A 300 P 2
V510 Butler PA BUTLER Boyers 600 A 330 P 1
V511 Emlenton PA VENANGO Boyers 545 A 330 P 2
V515 Strattanville PA CLARION Boyers 730 A 400 P 3
V516 Butler PA BUTLER Boyers 730 A 410 P 5
V517 Karns City PA BUTLER Boyers 600 A 330 P 5
V518 Butler PA BUTLER Boyers 730 A 400 P 4
V519 Butler PA BUTLER Boyers 600 A 230 P 3
V520 Stoneboro PA MERCER Boyers 600 A 330 P 0
V522 Franklin PA VENANGO Boyers 520 A 400 P 1
V800 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 640 A 330 P 3
V801 Harrison City PA WESTMORELAND Cranberry 645 A 415 P 5
V802 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 745 A 430 P 4
V803 Irwin PA WESTMORELAND Cranberry 700 A 430 P 1
V804 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 700 A 430 P 5
V805 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 645 A 430 P 3
V806 Irwin PA WESTMORELAND Cranberry 730 A 415 P 3
V807 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 730 A 515 P 2
V808 Monroeville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 740 A 425 P 5
V809 Murrysville PA ALLEGHENY Cranberry 745 A 430 P 1
V811 Harrison City PA WESTMORELAND Cranberry 645 A 430 P 1

If you do not see a vanpool group which fits your current commuting needs, it might be possible to start a new group.

  • Vanpools work best for commutes that are longer than 15-miles one way.  Is your commute at least 15-miles one way?
  • The CommuteInfo vans are 9 and 15 passenger vehicles.  Do you have at least 7 people, who travel at the same time from the same general area to the same general work area who are willing to ride together?
  • The cost for riding a van can fluctuate based on number of miles traveled, the vehicle and the price of gas.  Each rider is required to pay ahead “reserving their space” for the upcoming month.  Are the people interested in the vanpool willing to make this month to month commitment?
  • The vanpool driver is a volunteer from the rider group, who agrees to take on the responsibility for the van.  Is someone willing to drive?  Are some of the other people willing to serve as  back-up drivers?
  • If you answered yes to all of these questions, give us a call so we can help get your group “rolling.”  1-888-819-6110