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Who is CommuteInfo?

CommuteInfo helps people within the Southwestern Pennsylvania region find the best options for their commute to work or school. We work with transportation management associations, transportation providers, businesses and non-profit service organizations throughout the region to identify available commuting options. Our goal is simple: to increase the number of people who use ridesharing or public transportation. These options can save money, reduce stress and even protect the environment. It’s good all around! CommuteInfo is a program of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission.


I am so happy I signed up for the CommuteInfo ridesharing program! I get picked up and dropped off at my door and I am saving a considerable amount of money! It is a great program.

Robyn S. Westinghouse

I work at the Allegheny County Health Department. When we moved downtown, I was not sure how I was going to commute. I now park my car in my church parking lot and then I take a bus downtown. It has saved me money because I get a senior citizen free bus pass and my parking is free. I also use much less gas. This has worked out well for me.

Carol S.

I ride Westmoreland Transit to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. I really enjoy not having to drive & having more time to read or even take a nap! Riding the bus certainly makes my commute a lot less stressful.


I commute in from the North Hills. I was able to carpool with another Pitt staff member on a daily basis. I took advantage of the carpooling program to alleviate travel costs and to have some pleasant company for the drive to and from campus.

Brittney U.

I was very hesitant to ride a bus, feeling very unfamiliar with the territory. I have been driving downtown for years to come to work. Now, I am using the bus and I am very happy that I gave the experience a chance. I am now a “regular” with a bus pass. I save around $200 dollars a month and I get a few minutes before and after work to relax and let someone else do the driving!

Jen M.